Project of Gondolas from Pale-Jahorina Presented in Moscow

paleRepresentatives of the company “Majnex” from Pale told the mayor of Pale, Miodrag Kovačević on Friday, 7 June that the project of the gondola “Jahorina Express’ was presented recently in Moscow. It was assessed that the project is of huge importance not only for the local community, but also for the entire region, announced on the website of the company. The CEO of “Majnex” Maja Hršum expects the first results of this successful presentation in Moscow soon.

Kovačević hosted a reception on the occasion of the recent awards that this firm won for the “Best Business-Touristic Project of the Year in BiH” from the European Movement in BiH and for the “Contribution to the Development of Female Entrepreneurship”, which was awarded to Maja Golijanin-Hršum from the Chamber of Commerce of the RS.

Kovačević thanked the representatives of ‘Majnex’ on the awards and said that municipality Pale affirms successful people, and that their example is a positive signal of all companies that business could be conducted successfully and during a time of crisis.

He added that it is a great honor for the local community because this company represented the RS in Moscow.

Kovačević believes that the achieved business contacts in Moscow would be fruitful and that the gondola “Jahorina Express’ will come to life, because it is one of the strategic goals of the municipality of Pale and that will have long-term effects.


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