Project “Successful Images of BiH Entrepreneurship” and Business Awards Gazela Presented

VKT BIH-1The project “Successful Images of BiH Entrepreneurship” and awards for the second BiH Business ‘Gazela’ were presented today in Sarajevo in the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber.

The goal of the Gazela project is separation, identification and networking of perspective and fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses and their managers, their place in the market and potential business partners to create a more favorable business environment in BiH.

“The first independent BiH business award is given to small and medium-sized businesses that have achieved a growth rate of at least 10 percent in the consecutive three years in a period of five years, and have a growing index of David Birch on the employment rate, and exclusively by the annual accounts’’, said the President of the Board of BiH Business Awards Zlatko Berbić, and the Director of Kameleon M6M Group from Tuzla.

Berbić said that in the selection of companies to be awarded a prize, they are not able to affect marketing in any way because there is a strictly defined methodology and no fee.

He said that the FBiH currently has 19.617 registered small and medium-sized companies, out of which 711 meet the conditions for selection to receive a Gazela 2012 award, while in the RS there are 18.925 registered companies, out of which 236 could participate in the selection for the award.

Member of the jury Academic Boris Tihi from the Economics Faculty in Sarajevo said that the importance of this project for the reason that 97 percent of registered firms in BiH are small and medium-sized companies, while only three percent have the status of big companies.

Together with the project an award Gazela 2012 will be given out to a company from each canton in FBiH at a ceremony on 25 April in Sarajevo, while a day later the Gazela 2012 award will be given out in Banja Luka to one company from each of the five regions in the RS.

This year’s partners in the realization of the project for the FBiH are the Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts Federation, FBiH Foreign Trade Chamber and the BiH Foreign Trade Chamber, Sarajevo city, and the partners for the project for the RS are the Agency for the Development of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses and USAID.

(source: Fena)

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