Project worth 300.000 EUR that will connect Bihac and Brezice

BihacAt the meeting of representatives of the City administration of Bihac and the municipality Brezice from Slovenia, the joint project “Sports for healthy aging“ 300.000 EUR worth was presented and it covers the implementation of ten major activities out of which one will take place in Bihac. Otherwise, Bihac and Brezice have a lot common points and the cooperation is possible in other fields as well, besides on the presented project.

At the reception in the City administration of Bihac, representatives of the municipality Brezice presented the project they are working on together with the National park and Kayak canoe club Una, through which they want to present all types of sports and include as much people as possible to do sports. There will be ten major activities in the project, out of which one will take place in Bihac, it will gather all generations and of course will take place on the water.

Brezice is the first city in Slovenia known for its use of funds from the EU for various infrastructural projects. That is the city that has a population of 25.000 and a budget of 30 million EUR. Today, they agreed the cooperation in the field of tourism for which Bihac and Brezice are well known, then in the field of culture, sports, economy, agriculture. It was also discussed about funds the EU will allocate, primarily to the municipality Brezice for the realization of the Danube strategy in which the city Bihac would be included as well.

It was agreed to exchange experiences and to jointly apply to funds of the EU that will be published in October and November  this year. Holder of the project would be municipality Brezice, which, as a member of the Union has the ability to use funds that are not available to B&H and the city of Bihac itself. The development points and future business cooperation were defined and certain joint project are expected to occur soon.

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