The Cameras captured a cheeky Move of the Andorran National Team Player (video)

bih andoraIn 45 minutes, the players of the national team of Andorra did not properly send the ball towards the goal of Asmir Begovic in the match of the 8th round of qualifications for the European Championship, which was played on Bilino Polje.

Perhaps the players of Andorra do not know how to score a goal, but they certainly know how to be sneaky. And yes, they know very well which of the BH players is hot tempered.

During one break, Rebes tried to provoke Emir Spahic, pinching him so that the referee does not see him.

That incorrect move was captured by the cameras of the BHT. Unfortunately, the referee did not see that, but luckily neither Spahic did not react the way he should not have.


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