Prosecutors Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina will monitor with increased Attention all Public Procurements


The Prosecutor’s Offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina have taken necessary measures and are continuing to work and exercise their roles and competencies envisaged by the Constitution and law. The monitoring of the legality of public procurement procedures has been intensified. Measures will be taken to secure the conditions for carrying out autopsies.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH has undertaken activities to ensure conditions for carrying out work process during the extraordinary situation caused by a coronary-virus pandemic and work activities are carried out daily.

The Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, Gordana Tadić, participated in a video conference of Chief Prosecutors in BiH and the President of the HJPC BiH. At the meeting, conclusions were reached that will help ensure that the work and competencies of prosecutorial institutions are implemented without delay.

During the extraordinary circumstances caused by the pandemic, all prosecutor’s offices in BiH will exercise their respective constitutionally and legally prescribed roles with the envisaged measures of protection of employees and citizens, and act in accordance with the decision of the HJPC BiH regarding the organisation of work and priorities in the work of the prosecutor’s offices.

In addition to the aforementioned priorities of prosecuting criminal offences against human health, during the extraordinary conditions, all prosecutor’s offices in BiH have been monitoring and will monitor with increased attention all public procurements carried out during a pandemic, and in the event there is a grounded suspicion that a criminal offence of corruption has been carried out by using the current situation, all responsible persons for whom there are grounds for suspicion that they have committed such offenses will be prosecuted.

During the extraordinary circumstances, prosecutor’s offices are encountering the problem of the avoidance of autopsies by medical examiners, who justify their avoidance with the risk and lack of adequate protective and technical conditions for conducting autopsies. Therefore, we call on the competent authorities from all levels in BiH to urgently ensure the protection and technical conditions that would allow for the performance of autopsies during the pandemic.

The video conference was organised by the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) of BiH, and this method of work and exchange of experiences between prosecutors about the methods of organisation and work in new circumstances will be continued in the coming period with the support of the HJPC BiH.


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