Protest of Representatives of eight Unions in front of the CS Government Building

Members of eight unions, numbering more than 25.000 workers who receive their salaries from the Canton Sarajevo (CS) budget, gathered in front of the CS Government building demanding higher salaries, respect for legal procedures and collective agreements, as well as social dialogue with the unions.

The unions are asking the Government of CS to sign an agreement, according to which the basis for calculating salaries would be 400 BAM. Considering that this increase is not planned in the Draft Cantonal Budget for next year, it was requested that this document be withdrawn from the agenda of yesterday‘s session of the CS Assembly.

Hundreds of representatives of cantonal unions of primary, secondary and higher education, science and culture, police, civil servants, universities, the judiciary and public institutions, health workers, and communal workers gathered in front of the CS Government building.

Eight unions noted that, if necessary, they will organize a general strike.

Yesterday‘s protest, as previously announced, lasted from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

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