Public Debate for Law Students ‘Arguments Against Discrimination’

debataThe OSCE Mission to B&H, in cooperation with the Center for Cultural Dialogue, is organizing a public debate called ‘Arguments Against Discrimination’ for law students today in Sarajevo.

Students of Law from Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Tuzla, Mostar, Bijeljina and Banja Luka will debate on the topic ‘this house is stands that the media has to have the most important role in the fight against discrimination’ by simulating a debate based on the British parliamentary system.

The debate will promote mechanisms in the fight against discrimination, and will draw attention to the role of the media on the negative effects of discrimination, as well as potential remedies.

The debate will start with an introduction by the Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission to B&H Nina Suomalainen at 10:00.

(Source: OSCE B&H)

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