Petition to Include B&H in ERASMUS+ Program EU

peticijaThe Democratic Youth Movement launched a petition for membership of B&H to the ERASMUS+ Program so that B&H students and youth would not be left without stipends and opportunities to education throughout Europe. The petition states: ‘’The EU until now has actively helped students and youth from B&H become educated throughout Europe, and to acquire new knowledge that would be applied in B&H. The Council of Ministers, for subjective reasons and in order to collect small political points refuses to become a member of the program ERASMUS+ that gives young people from B&H a chance to travel and to receive and education throughout Europe. We who sign below are seeking urgently from the Council of Ministers of B&H to join ERASMUS+, and to do everything so that young people from B&H, regardless of nationality, have the chance to acquire education in other European countries. B&H is an integral part of Europe and we ask our young representatives to be engaged so that B&H would not become a black hole in Europe’’.

The Democratic Youth Movement is a youth organization in B&H that actively represents the interest of youth at all levels and stands for a better political position of youth in the country.

All those who are interested can sign the petition here: http://chn.ge/18ODwat.

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