Qu Bo: ”Misimović is a great player, he always knows what to do with the ball”

zvjezdan 2Guizhou Renhe, club of BiH football players Zvjezdan Misimović and Zlatan Muslimović with the victory in the last round is about the enter the next phase of the Champions League.

Among the most deserving players for the results of the team are BiH football players. Player of Guizhou Renhe Qu Bo, who scored the winning goal against Mariners said that the he thinks that the biggest change to the team, compared to the last season, is actually the coming of Misimović.

Qu Bo added that Misimović is indeed a great player, relaxed at the field and always knows what to do with the ball. Qu Bo noted that Misimović’s mentality helped the team a lot.

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