BiH Ministers at Conference of Ministers of Justice in Belgrade

bari?a ?olakThe BiH Minister of Justice Bariša Čolak will participate in the 4th regional conference of ministers of internal affairs and ministers of justice on the topic “Fight Against Organized Crime, Corruption and Judicial Cooperation in Southeast Europe” that is being held today in Belgrade.

At the conference a particular need for further cooperation of countries in the region was highlighted in the fight against organized crime, of which the participants took a common position, both in terms of strengthening the fight and in mutual cooperation.

New mechanisms were recommended to improve mutual legal assistance in civil matters, and participating countries signed a letter of intent.

This letter obligates states to undertake the appropriate instruments that would facilitate the recognition of foreign judgments in civil matters through a simplified procedure, and at the same time it would simplify legal assistance between countries in a way so that state organs could directly interact with state organs in other countries.

The result of the front agreement would be regulated through special regional conventions from the civil-legal areas, which will, according to the participants of the conference, improve and simplify international legal assistance in civil matters. This would result in efficiency in this area in the territory of the region.

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