Quality of Sunflower Oil “Bimal” Awarded Gold Medal in Novi Sad

bimal-ulje-1604-300x159At the 80th international agricultural fair in Novi Sad, which is being held from 18-24 May, was given an award yesterday for the best quality in the category of edible oils and fats, and ‘Bimal’ sunflower oil in packages of one liter was awarded a huge gold medal for quality.

The sunflower oil ‘Bimal’ that is packaged in two, five and ten liters won the gold for quality, announced ‘Bimal’.

In addition to gold medals, ‘Bimal’ was awarded the silver championship cup, which is a reflection of the high quality of refined edible sunflower oil from this company.

The head of Corporate Communications of ‘Bimal’ Nataša Pucar said that the awards and recognition for ‘Bimal’ sunflower oil is a confirmation of the activities of the company regarding the quality of its products, as well as a confirmation of the importance of implementing standards for the quality management that ‘Bimal’ possesses.

“I am very pleased that this BiH product is known as a quality one, which is the most important thing for us BiH business people at this moment. I sincerely believe that the quality of ‘Bimal’, which exports its products to all markets in the region and wider, is recognized by an even greater number of consumers and that this will further strengthen its position as the sole producer of edible oils on the local market’’, said Pucar.

The company ‘Bimal’ d.d. from Brčko is a leader on the BiH market in the production of quality products of sunflower, soybean and rapeseed according to the highest standards.


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