What does Rade Šerbedžija think about the SFF?

Rade ŠerbedžijaRegional and Hollywood star Rade Šerbedžija will be a guest at the 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival within which the audience will have an opportunity to watch his long-announced directorial debut “Liberation of Skopje”, based on the drama by Dušan Jovanović.

Šerbedžija made the film with his son Danilo, who is co-director and one of the producers. “Liberation of Skopje” follows the drama of one family in Skopje that faces with difficulties caused by war, by depicting the love between a young Macedonian woman and a German soldier.

“I am happy that the film is in the Sarajevo Festival because that is an event which enjoys great reputation in the world. I am also happy because it will be seen by audience that loves this festival and films, as well as professionals, from critics to film workers. Second, also important, thing that I want to mention is that I did this film because of its topic. It speaks about a war, about the Second World War. However, that war has some connotations with the war that raged in Bosnia too, and with the present wars throughout the world in general. I am talking about one little boy who is eleven, and how he experiences all those horrors of war, how he remembers them, how he feels. In that sense, I think the film is modern and very current, because how many children today have experienced those same wars, from our countries to the battlefields around the globe? How many children have been wounded, left with terrible war traumas, and unfortunately, how many of them have lost their lives,” said Šerbedžija.


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