Radomir Pavlović and Hamdija Fejzić are at the head of the Municipal Assembly of Srebrenica; Biljana Rakić is the deputy mayor

Srebrenica Municipality finally has its legislative and executive power, three and a half months after the local elections.

In the continuation of inaugural session of the Municipal Assembly, Radomir Pavlović from SNSD was elected the President of the Assembly, and Hamdija Fejzić from SDA as his deputy, and Biljana Rakić is the deputy mayor.

On the suggestion of the Municipal Election Commission, representatives chose heads of the five municipal departments; Hanisa Jahić will be the head of the Department of Urban Planning and and utilities, Sadmir Nukić will lead the Department of General Administration, Bego Bektić will head the Department of social services and public services, Department of Economy will be headed by Dane Katanić and Department of Finances will be head .by Vesna Kočević

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