Radončić and Izetbegović signed the Agreement on Joined Action

radoncic-izetbegovicToday, in Sarajevo, the SBB leader, Fahrudin Radončić and the president of the SDA, Bakir Izetbegović signed the coalition agreement on joined action at all levels of government in B&H.

As previously agreed, the parties had committed to work on stabilization of government at all levels, the most in Federation of B&H, after the DF leaves coalition at the entity level.

Izetbegović confirmed that the SBB is taking over the ministries headed by the DF staff, it should happen by the end of November.

The two parties have committed to work together on the economic and other reforms, as well as the NATO and the European integrations.

“This day will be membered as a positive date in the post-war history of B&H. We have reached the agreement and signed it. The agreement guarantees that the two extremely important political factors, the SBB and the SDA will cooperatively work on the stabilization of the circumstances in B&H”, AS Izetbegović said.

He pointed out that the two parties would strongly oppose the attempts of disintegration and destabilization of B&H.

In the agreement of these two parties, there was also a word on the ensuring of equality of all the peoples in the every part of B&H, the reform agenda, improvement of business environment, reducing public spending, and more efficient fight against the crime and corruption.

Among the priorities there was also the recent announcement of the census results in accordance with the international statistical standards.

“We are thankful to the SDA and the president Izetbegović for inviting us in the coalition, in order to try to change faster the great delay in reforms”, as Radončić said.

He pointed out that the SBB “offered its important parliamentarian capacity without any high position demand” in order to unblock the government in B&H.

(Source: klix.ba)

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