Radončić and Osmić Signed Agreement on Cooperation of Relevant Ministries

The BiH Minister of Defense Zekerijah Osmić and the BiH Minister of Security Fahrudin Radončić signed an agreement today at the EUFOR base in Butmir on cooperation regarding training.

The agreement anticipates that there would be cooperation of the BiH Armed Forces, police officers in BiH and other employees.

Forming special teams and working bodies would comply with the definition of responsible persons for the coordination of activities on behalf of the institution, and with consultations of the competent authorities in BiH would implement the cooperation.

Minister Osmić said that this agreement would contribute to the training of future members of the peace support missions throughout the world.

“With something like this, we confirm the readiness of the Ministry of Defense and the BiH Armed Forces, given that the training center for peace support operations (PSOTC) is the property of BiH from last year, will carry out the training’’, said Osmić.

After the signing of the agreement, there was a handing over of certificates for 35 BiH police officials and 6 international police officials (Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Sweden) who finished the second pre-admission training for peace support operations.

Minister Radončić said that the importance of such trainings rests on the fact that BiH, from the international aid it receives, became a country that contributes to world security by sending their security forces in peace operations throughout the world.

Apart from BiH instructors, instructors from Croatia and Sweden conducted the training that complies with UN standards.

Until now, 174 BiH peacekeepers (23 women) participated in UN Missions in Haiti, East Timor, Liberia, Cyprus, Sudan and South Sudan. Currently, there are 48 (7 women) in Liberia, Sudan, South Sudan and Cyprus.

By the end of March it is expected that there will be a deployment of 6 BiH peacekeepers in the UN Mission in South Sudan.

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