Radoncic: Bosnia and Herzegovina has not received any Help, there will be many Deaths


“We have received nothing at the level of Bosnia and Herzegovina so far. Now the Coordinating Body will begin to tackle the influx of donations. I don’t want to deal with donations, economists, accountants and experts will do it, Fahrudin Radoncic, Bosnian Security Minister told N1 news portal on Tuesday.

“The coordinating body has done a strategic part of the work, we have created a complete inventory, what is needed from the material, at the country’s level. We have made a conference with all ambassadors, UNDP and USAID organizations. We have got an international aid seeking system that is effective”.

Now, let’s back up, the coordination body is designed to be capable of dealing with certain disasters such as fires. There are no epidemiologists and doctors at the moment, and that tells us that it has to be restructured,” Radoncic said at the start of the interview.

He said that the capacities of the Ministry of Security of BiH were used and that it was obtained on time.

“We will see how. We have used the full capacity of the Ministry of Security, we have really managed to get the time factor to find medical institutions. We have unblocked the entry of goods into Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Ministry of Security has been doing its job. The coordinating body should now do its job.”

On the question of how much assistance has been received so far in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Radoncic says they have not received anything.

” I said 10 days ago that in 15 days we would have a collision with a pandemic. The situation is serious, you see what is happening in the neighborhood and other countries. There will be plenty of deaths. Now the security structures have done the job, they will be tempted to have a health care system and I wish them luck. ”



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