Ramski Cheese Becoming More Popular

ramski_sir2The production of healthy food is a permanent feature of healthy production throughout the world, and municipality Prozor-Rama has the ideal conditions for the production of healthy and ecologically clean food. One of the products on the market has a growing trend in cheese demand.

Thus, the agricultural cooperation “Rama” has recognized these trends and joined in the realization of the project of constructing and equipping small dairy farms. The cooperative stated that at the beginning of 2010 there has been the adaptation of small production space and purchasing equipment for the production of cheese from business partners from the Netherlands. After that, a trial production of cheese that was at the beginning called “Ramski Sir” started, and gradually took up space in store shelves in Rama and neighboring municipalities.

“The goal of the project was to develop the business of manufacturing cow’s milk cheese in order to secure jobs for existing employees, and to support the development of a network of mini-cattle farms for people in rural areas. This is also a project that is in accordance with the development programs for dairy production in this municipality, which was launched at the beginning of 2009’’, said the Director of Cooperatives Nada Šakota.

In 2012, “Rama” finished the renovation of a new, more contemporary production facility.

“This structure of the investment will allow for new employment, increase production and additional, perhaps more of an effect will be the indirect employment of a number of families from the rural areas of the municipality’’, said Šakota.


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