British ”Ionix Systems” in Maglaj will offer more job opportunities

Four months ago, British investors opened a new section of ”Ionix systems” in Maglaj, worth 4 million BAM.

The number of employees is constantly rising. It started with 50 workers, and now the company employs 110 workers, and in the future it will employ 200 additional workers.

The collective is very young, and most workers have undergone some retraining.

The potentials of the Employment Service of FBiH were also used.

Production manager Suad Ahmetspahić explained that this is a unique type of production in BiH.

”We make cable systems from components and materials we get from imports. Everything that we manufacture, we export for a well-known costumer”, said Ahmetspahić.

Investors and owners are satisfied with the pace of production, and workers, who work hard, except for salaries can also expect additional stimulation.

”Ionix Systems “has an ambitious plan for the next year. They plan to employ 50 new workers and they are also preparing a location for the new machines.

At the end of this year and in the early 2013, ”Ionix Systems” plan to increase the numbers of costumers.

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