Rare Photo from “The Bosnian Sea” in 1996

12787257_1112565428794412_2075272209_oPhotographer Zebulon Pinkas shared on his Facebook profile the photographs of the Modrac Lake in the “golden age”, when it was called the Bosnian Sea. The photographs are from 1996.

This lake used to be a real tourist attraction and various amenities of the modified part of the shore were a true treat for tourists from all around BiH and broader.

The accumulation lake Modrac was created in 1964 when a dam was constructed on the Spreča River at the locality of Modrac, Lukavac Municipality, for the supply of industrial plants in Tuzla and Živinice with water.

The lake surface is 17 square kilometers and it is only three kilometers away from the center of Lukavac.

(Source: fokus.ba/ photo Zebulon Pinkas)

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