Ratko Mladic returns from Hospital to Detention Unit

Ratko Mladic, a convicted war criminal, was returned from the hospital in The Hague to the detention unit in Scheveningen, his son Darko confirmed.

He was transferred to the hospital on Thursday because he got sick during the visit of his wife in the detention unit.

Darko Mladic told Tanjug that he had talked to his father who had come from the detention unit and said the problems had disappeared and that he now feels better.

“He told me that his doctors said he had no new heart problems,” Darko Mladic said, noting that he still did not know the diagnosis because he did not receive medical documentation. Ratko Mladic is in custody of the ICTY since June 2011.

After many years of escape, Ratko Mladic was arrested in Belgrade in 2011. Then, Mladic was extradited to the International Tribunal in The Hague for allegedly committing genocide in six BH municipalities as Military Commander of Republika Srpska, a genocide in Srebrenica, terrorizing Sarajevo citizens, taking international personnel as hostages, as well as persecuting Bosniaks and Croats from all parts of BiH.

He was sentenced to life imprisonment for war crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and his defense attorneys lodged an appeal against that decision.

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