Ratko Mladic to the Judge: When you release me, I will send you a Liter of Brandy

Ratko Mladic Trial oslobodjenje.baIn the continuation of the trial before the Hague Tribunal, the defendant Ratko Mladic promised to send a liter of brandy to the Presiding Judge Alphons Orie, after he is released.

“When you release me, I will send you a liter of frontovaca brandy”, said Mladic to the judge, addressing him as “Comrade Orie”.

Mladic addresses the judge at the end of the testimony of the defense witness Zarko Stojkovic, at whose wedding in Belgrade on July 16th 1995 Mladic was the best man, at the same time when, according to the indictment, the Army of the Republic of Srpska (VRS) executed thousands of Muslims from Srebrenica, reported BIRN – Justice Report.

Mladic is charged with – except for the genocide in Srebrenica and several municipalities in 1992 – the persecution of non-Serb population, terrorizing of the citizens of Sarajevo, and taking UNPROFOR soldiers as hostages.

Stojkovic and his wife Biljana gave an alibi to Mladic for July 16th 1995, saying that he was at their church wedding and the wedding party in Belgrade.

The prosecutor Peter McCloskey thoroughly interrogated the witness Stojkovic, among other things, about which drinks were served at the wedding party at the restaurant “Dva ribara” – wine and plum brandy – and what did Mladic drink. Stojkovic said that Mladic drank a little brandy only during the toast which he dedicated to the newlyweds as the best man.

The prosecutor and the judge wanted to know whether Mladic smoked at the wedding party, and whether he left the table and went to the bathroom. The witness denied both, after which the prosecuting attorney showed him the photo displaying Mladic at the wedding table, sitting by the newlyweds, holding a cigarette in his hand.

Upon the termination of Stojkovic’s testimony, Mladic asked not to attend the discussion of administrative issues that arose because the defense had no more witnesses at the disposal.

After the Presiding Judge asked Mladic if he waives the right to attend the continuation of the hearing, Mladic, to whom the Council earlier prohibited to speak aloud in the courtroom, said: “Comrade Orie, I waive the right and I feel the need to host my best men in the prison unit. And when you release me, I’ll send you a liter of frontovaca“.

The trial for Mladic will continue on Monday, August 24th.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba/ photo oslobodjenje)

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