Retention at Border Crossings are no longer than 20 Minutes

granicaIn most parts of B&H the traffic operates at mostly dry and partly wet roads.

The frequency of vehicles is reinforced near the major urban centers.

Yesterday, due to the road works, the traffic on the section of the highway A-1 Sarajevo north-Butila was regulated by temporary traffic signals.

Short delays are taking place on the sections where repair works are done and where the regime of communication was changed. Routes with short delay are following: Jablanica – Prozor, Doboj – Gračanica, Bugojno – Novi Travnik, Glavica – Priluka, Čelinac – Kotor Varoš, Čapljina – Stolac, works in Mostar (route through the city), as well as the work on the construction on a roundabout at the entrance to Posušje.

Retention at border crossings are currently no longer than 20 minutes. Due to the works in Croatia, the traffic is closed for trucks at the BC Brčko – Gunja, as announced from BIHAMK.


(Source: klix.ba)

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