Readiness for dialogue and cooperation is in the interest of BIH

President of Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) BiH Dragan Čović talked today in Mostar with the Ambassador of the USA in BIH Patrick Moon about the current political situation in BiH.

Moon noted earlier stance of the US Embassy in BIH that political leaders must work together and must work fast on solving the key issues BIH is facing with, especially the reforms necessary for BiH becoming a member of the EU and NATO.

During the meeting, they concluded that moderate and realistic politics, readiness for dialogue and cooperation which is in the interest of BIH and all its citizens are the most important issues for BiH future and its integration to NATO and the EU.

Commenting on the most recent events in FBIH, Čović noted that it is the high time to make the necessary moves which will enable FBIH to get legal and legitimate representatives in the Executive so that the new government could start solving many issues.

Čović reiterated that the current status of FBiH is due to irresponsibility of all those who, by using different institutions, have misused the the electoral will of Croats in BIH and now because of that all citizens in BiH suffer.

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