‘Elektroprivreda BiH’ donated 400 000 BAM to BIH sports teams

President of public company ‘Elektroprivreda BIH’ Elvedin Grabovica signed today in Sarajevo an agreement of sponsorship with representatives of Football, Baseball, Handball and Sitting Volleyball Federations of BIH in order to promote top class sports resulted.

Four hundred thousand BAM were donated all together, Football Federation received 200 000 BAM, Basketball 100 000 BAM, Handball and Sitting Volleyball Federation 50 000 BAM each.

Grabovica said that this donation proves that ‘Elektoprivreda’ is socially responsible company and added that initially it was planned to give 200 000 BAM to football federation after they defeat Greece, but it was decided otherwise, because ‘Elektroprivreda’ believes that BiH will indeed defeat Greece.

FBiH Prime Minister Nermin Nikšić called all public companies to support these four sports federations, because they are the best ambassadors of BiH in the world.

Representatives of Federations thanked Nikšić and Grabovica on their help and support.

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