Second Business Café in BIH held in Vitez

Second Business Café in BIH was held yesterday in congress hall of hotel ‘Central’ in Vitez.

Around 50 companies from BiH and Slovenia, representatives of BIH Chamber of Foreign Commerce and Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia attended the conference. They all have the aim to improve the economic situation in BiH and to improve business cooperation between Slovenian and BIH companies.

Business café was opened by Franjo Rajković , president of the Organisation Board of Business café.

After that, Ambassador of Slovenia in BiH Andrej Grasselli, Head of Vitez Municipality Advan Akeljić and president of BiH Chamber of Foreign Commerce Ismet Kumalić held a speech.

President of Slovenian Chamber of Commerce presented the significance of BiH for Slovenia as a partner country for export-import activities and investments of the Agency for Improvement of Foreign Investments in BiH.

After the introductory part, new business meetings between representatives of companies who have the aim to establish business cooperation of the two countries started.

President of the European Movement in BiH Predrag Praštalo also attended the conference.

The second business café was organised by Slovenian Embassy, BiH Chamber of Foreign Commerce and Franchise Centre BiH.

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