What Real Estate do Izetbegović, Čović and Ivanić possess?

27062016-8naslovnaMembers of the Presidency of BiH are among the people with the highest monthly income in national institutions.

It is always interesting to look into the property charts of local politicians, especially those on high positions such as members of the Presidency of BiH. Have you ever wondered what real estate do Čović, Ivanić and Izetbegović possess? An online database available at the website of the Center for Investigative Journalism contains property charts with a series of interesting data.

The charts say that the Chairman Izetbegović and his wife Sebija own a house and lot in Sarajevo estimated to 185.000 BAM. Wife Sebija also owns an apartment on Bjelašnica, which is estimated to 100.000 BAM. Izetbegović does not own a car and the property chart from 2014 says that his wife drives a passenger car worth 50.000 BAM.

According to the property chart from 2014, leader of HDZ Dragan Čović owns houses in Mostar and Široki Brijeg. His wife Bernadica owns a business space and co-owns an attorney office. According to the property chart, Čović does not have a car and his wife drives an Audi 3. Čović is repaying a credit in the amount of 150.000 BAM.

In the property chart made four years ago, Ivanić reported an apartment in Banja Luka covering 95 square meters and worth 140.000 BAM. He is also co-owner of a weekend house in Montenegro, 40 square meters large, worth 40.000 BAM, and drives a Mercedes 320 CDI worth 35.000 BAM. His wife Gordana has an apartment in Belgrade worth 110.000 BAM and his daughter Jelena owns an apartment in BiH worth 100.000 BAM.

Take a look at complete property charts of Čović, Ivanić and Izetbegović.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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