Which Roads in BiH are closed?

stanje-na-putevima-1BIHAMK notifies the drivers that visibility is reduced during the morning hours because of fog at the road sections that pass through ravines, along rivers and in mountainous area.

The road is wet in those areas so BIHAMK urges the drivers to be cautious and maintain distance between vehicles. At the sections that pass through notches, attention should be paid to landslides.

Due to works on asphalting, traffic on the regional road R-445 Bilješevo-Kakanj is suspended today until 17, as well as on the regional road R-455 Semizovac-Ilijaš-Visoko, with alternative roads in function.

Following highways are being under construction: M-16 Donji Vakuf-Bugojno, M-4 Simin Han-Kalesija, M-5 Ključ-Mrkonjić Grad and M-16.2 Prozor-Jablanica.

Passengers who cross the border in Bosanska Gradiška wait up to 40 minutes on the entrance to BiH and there are no crowds at other border crossings.

Due to works in Croatia, vehicles on the border crossing Orašje-Županja drive slowly in both directions. Due to the upcoming religious holidays (All Saints and All Souls Day), increased traffic of vehicles is expected from October 29 until November 11, so the drivers of freight vehicles are recommended to not use this border crossing and the border crossing Bosanski Brod-Slavonski Brod, where construction works are also being conducted on the Croatian side.

Drivers are recommended to use the border crossing Bosanski Šamac-Slavonski Šamac.

(Source: ba.n1info.com)

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