Čengić: Around 7,000 missing Persons still being searched for in B&H

Missing Persons icmp.intThe search for at least 7,000 missing persons, who went missing during the war i.e. as a consequence of war crimes, crimes against humanity and most severe forms of violation of human rights, is still ongoing in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Spokesperson of the Institute for Missing Persons of B&H Lejla Čengić said that more than 25,000 remains have been found and exhumed at the territory of B&H so far, and more than 22,500 missing persons have been identified and handed over to the families for decent burial.

Čengić explained that the number of found persons is larger than the number of identified persons because not all found and exhumed remains were identified, and they are located in 11 morgues and centers for autopsy and identification in B&H. three centers are in Republika Srpska and eight centers are in FB&H, and around 3,500 remains are in them.

The Central register of missing persons was established in February 2011 and it was created on the basis of data collected from 13 different domestic and international databases, of which four are primary: International Commission for Missing Persons, the International Committee of Red Cross, the Federal Commission for Missing Persons, and the Office for Missing Persons of RS.

“The Central register of missing persons contains data about around 32,000 missing persons whose status is additionally checked through the data verification process. Status of 19,220 missing persons in total has been checked so far,” Čengić said.

Čengić highlighted that the priority is to verify the so-called active cases, i.e. those persons who were reported missing and whose remains are still being searched for. Status of around 6,880 active cases has been verified so far.

(Source: klix.ba)

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