Greek Yoghurt of domestic Production: Milkos Dairy presented a new Product

Milkos Cremos klix.baAt the Fair of Economy in Sarajevo the Dairy Milkos presented its new product – the Greek yoghurt “Cremos”. As pointed out, it is an exceptionally healthy, nutritious, and primarily domestic product.

According to the Director of Milkos Adin Fakić, what makes this product special is the fact that it is completely domestic, from the very ingredients to the package and its design. Besides that, the Greek yoghurt is known for exceptionally nutritious value.

“Greek yoghurt is produced in a traditional and original way with high content of proteins which are very important in everyday nutrition, especially of people who are engaged in sports or similar activities. Thus, just one portion of this product contains seven grams of proteins, which nearly satisfies the daily needs of a man for proteins,” Fakić said.

The company claims that this is the only product in a multitude of other products which is completely domestic and that it is far ahead of other products when it comes to its content.

“The Sarajevo Dairy Milkos has been existing for 63 years now. We employ 160 workers and purchase milk from around 1,000 subcontractors across B&H: all our employees are also domestic staff. Hence, this is a hundred-percent domestic production with entirely domestic capital, which makes us unique in the country,” Fakić said.

Fakić added that the citizens can see for themselves what the quality of this new product is at the Fair of Economy which is to be held in the Skenderija Center until December 20.


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