Successful Production of Gherkins in Bugojno

gerkhinsAround 60 families from the area of the Municipality of Bugojno are involved in the production of gherkins on about 80 dunums of land.

One of them is Nihad Dautbegović from the settlement Kula, who recently started collecting the first results of the family business from which they expect a lot.

“We planted 6,000 seedlings on the surface of 2 dunums. Thanks to the contract with the company Agrona, the purchase of the entire yield is guaranteed. The average production per dunum is 5-7 tons and we are hoping to produce that amount,” he said.

According to this Bugojno resident, winner of the “Golden Lily” award, from planting to harvesting of gherkins is a period of 40 days, which is a relatively short period in which you can get solid earnings.

“The process of production of these agricultural crops is far less demanding than greenhouse production of cabbage, which we were dealing with for seven years. Of course, we could not managed it without help of agronomists, who regularly monitor the situation on the seeded parcels,” said Dautbegović.

He started with the production of gherkins, he says, because of his children who did not have a job. Safe market and known purchase price per kilogram are the advantages because of which, he admits, he is considering the expansion of the production.

“The price of 1 kilogram of first class gherkins is 1, 20 BAM and the price for the 2nd class 0, 60 BAM. At the end of October, we will sum up the results and decide whether we are going to expand the production or not. From what we can see now, there is no reason for this not to happen” he said.



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