Reconstruction of Power in the USC: SBB to join the Government

12721559_1743100422593301_9912985_nIn recent days, intensive negotiations are held on the matter of reconstruction of power in the Una-Sana Canton (USC). By all accounts, the current coalition in Canton consisting of SDA and ASDA should quickly be joined by the Alliance for better future (SBB).

Yesterday, in the premises of the Cantonal Board of SDA in Bihac, three-hour long meeting was held between the Party of Democratic Action (SDA) and the Party of Democratic Activity (ASDA), regarding reconstruction and strengthening of the current government coalition, which is made of these two parties.

According to the first announcements, in the upcoming days, the ruling coalition should find joint solution on the reform of the executive branch and joining of SBB to the government of USC.

“We agree that SBB participates in the government, but the future division depends on the number of members of the Parliament, as well as the election results. If those are parameters for future distribution of power, ASDA has nothing against this kind of coalition,” said Hadzipasic.

“Besides the work on joint implementation of projects of cantonal importance, the agreement referred to three parties in the USC will help with implementation of reforms that is started in the FBiH,” said Avdic.

The continuation of negotiations is expected next week.

(Source: M. C./Klix.ba)

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