Trebević Cable Car might be built by the mid-2017?

trebevicThe equipment donated for the Trebević cable car, currently stored in the military base of EUFOR in Butmir, is useless due to being over 30 years old and incompatible with the EU standards! This was proven by the analysis conducted by the experts from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Sarajevo and ordered by the City Administration.

“It means that it is inevitable to build a completely new cable car because there is no contractor who wants to give guarantee for the equipment stored in Butmir.  This practically means that an enormous mistake was made when this donation was received during the mandate of the mayor Alija Behmen,” the City Administration stated.

For this project to move from the standstill, the upper station on Trebević will soon be demolished. Currently in progress is the selection of contractor who will prepare the terrain for the construction of a new one. According to the source, the starting station is also soon to be demolished. It is being waited for the GRAS printing shop to move out.

“The City planned to allocate around three billion BAM this year for the construction of the cable car. We have no doubts that this proposal will be accepted by the City Council as well. Moreover, it was not given up on the donation by the nuclear physicist Edmond Oferman either. He announced the return of donations amounting to about seven million BAM. Selection of the contractor for the construction of the departure and arrival station will be launched soon. Conceptual design by the famous architect Mufid Garibija will be taken as the basis,” the City stated.

It was foreseen that restaurants will be opened in the station buildings, and especially interesting will be the panoramic one in the station on the hill. Visitors will have an amazing view over the city from there.

“Deputy Mayor Abdulah Skaka and his boss, the Mayor Ivo Komšić, are almost competing who will do more on this project. It seems that this passion of theirs to be precisely the ones who will begin the implementation of the Trebević cable car has strongly pushed this project forward. If this energy persists, the cable car might be built by the mid-2017,” the City stated.


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