Record Number of People donated their Hair for Children with Cancer

In the final phase of humanitarian action “My Hair Your Hair”, which was organized in Sarajevo today, reached a record!

Namely, during the day, 320 pieces of hair were donated, and organizers from the Association expressed their gratitude for today’s response of citizens, especially to girls who gave their hair in order for wigs to be made. They also thanked the hairdressers who did a great job.

In almost two years there were 1,600 donors, out of which more than 70 percent of the girls. Up to now, 23 wigs were made.

Amra Dzeko attended the action, and on several occasions visited the Parenting House where young children and their parents are staying during the process of cancer treatment.

“Once again, I would like to thank our fellow citizens who came here and gave their support to the project ‘My hair – your hair’ and gave their time and part of themselves with the aim to make someone happy,” said one of the parents.

It is important to note that the Association gives wigs to children free of charge and thus helps them return their self-confidence, reduces the trauma of hair loss to a minimum, and returns them the most important thing they lost – a smile.

(Source: patria news agency)

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