Record Visits of Protected Areas in the CS 2015!

trebevic2Within the framework of Cantonal Public Institution for Protected Natural Areas of Canton Sarajevo are sites of Trebevic, Skakavac, Vrelo Bosne and Bijambare, and these parts of Canton achieved record number of visits last year.

Director of this institution Osman Delic said that they have data that Vrelo Bosne was visited by 187,901 people while total of 51,682 people visited Bijambare, of which 38,173 used services of ecological trains, and 18,392 of them visited Bijambare Cave.

Large number of visitors was registered last days of 2015 when fog and smog covered Sarajevo, and according to assessments, more than 5,000 people visited Trebevic last weekend of the last year.

More than 1,500 people visited Bijambare on the last weekend of the last year, which has not been recorded since the Cantonal public institution for the protected natural areas of CS started governing this area.

vrelo Bosne Speaking about the plans for this year, among others, Delic mentioned that the Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism allocated 65.000 BAM, and this money will be used for the construction of universal sports surfaces for volleyball, football and basketball at Bijambare, in order to complete the tourist offer.


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