Red Interpol Warrant for Dodik?

dodikMilorad Dodik, President of Republika Srpska and a suspect in the case of the referendum held in that BiH entity on September 25 did not appear in the Prosecutor’s office of BiH for hearing. Judging by the current situation, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH is patient when it comes to Dodik.

“The Prosecutor’s Office continues implementing activities, investigative activities and interrogation of suspects. Suspect Dodik will be invited to the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH again,” the Prosecutor’s Office stated.

Attorney Duško Tomić believes that this is an indicator of the determination of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH to not accept Dodik’s requests for hearing at the territory of RS.

There are two reasons why the Prosecutor’s office cannot accept Dodik’s requests, Tomić says. Firstly, it never occurred that an accused person gives a statement at their home or in their office, as Dodik is asking for; that would be discriminatory and an indicator that not everyone is equal before the Court of BiH. The second reason is even more important: with his requests, Dodik wants to prove he is the absolute ruler in one part of BiH, by putting RS above BiH.

“This is the end of the games and the Prosecutor’s Office figured that out,” Tomić added.

Answering to the question what happens after the second call, Duško Tomić was clear:

“This is just an attempt to buy time. If Dodik does not answer to the second call, the Prosecutor’s Office must request an arrest warrant from the Court of BiH. If that does not pass, then the red international Interpol warrant is issued.”

Milorad Dodik said several times that he will not come to the hearing to Sarajevo because he is afraid for his own safety, but that he will give a statement anywhere at the territory of the RS, including a video-link with the Prosecutor’s Office.

(Source: hayat.ba)

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