Rejected Initiative to hire young Doctors who were engaged during the Pandemic

At yesterday’s session of the Canton Sarajevo (CS) Assembly, the initiative of SDA deputy Haris Zahiragic was not adopted. He demanded that all young doctors who were engaged in the fight against the pandemic in public health institutions be employed.

As Zahiragic told, only SDA, DF, and SBB deputies voted for the initiative, which was not enough for the initiative to be adopted.

“The CS Government is instructed to immediately and without delay ensure the admission of all young doctors who were engaged in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in public health institutions, for at least one year, and then all young doctors who are on the records of the Employment Service. Also, the Government of CS is supposed to create a program and in a systematic way solve the long-term admission of all young doctors from CS, ie a program that will provide all young doctors with a year of work experience. It would be done for them to get a chance for the first work experience and meet the requirements for the specialization, ” it was stated in Zahiragic’s initiative.

To recall, a group of young doctors whose contract was not extended after their internship expired, which de facto left them without a job and they ended up at the list of the Employment Service, sent an open letter to the CS Government in May, asking for an explanation for such acts.

Zahiragic then announced that in case the Government of CS does not offer a solution by the next session of the CS Assembly, he will personally submit an initiative to adequately solve the problem of employment of young doctors.

“I hope that I will get the support of colleagues from the ruling parliamentary majority for that since these are topics on which there should be a consensus,” Zahiragic said at the time, Klix.ba writes.


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