Remains of a Large Roman Villa located in Gorazde

GorazdeRepresentatives of the Center for Balkan Studies of the Academy of Science and Art of BiH and the Institute for prehistoric and protohistoric archeology from Kiel, located remains of a large Roman villa in Hubjeri by continuing the archeological research in Gorazde.

The project “Research of the Neolithic populations in the valley of Drina“ is the result of the international cooperation between the Center for Balkan Studies of the Academy of Science and Arts of BiH and the Institute in Kiel.

This a continuation of researches from 2009 and 2011 at the site Jagnilo in Zupcici near Gorazde, whose aim is to detect possible Neolithic villages near the already known site Jagnilo, that is Lug, and the reconstruction of the dynamic of the duration of Neolithic settlements in this area.

The research will be continued in coming days as well.

“This year, the aim of our research is one systematic locating of the entire area of Gorazde municipality, especially these river terraces in the search for remains of other prehistoric settlement on this area. We are researching the dynamic of settlements in this area in past“, said Melisa Foric, the expert associate of the Center fo Balkan Studies of the Academy of Science and Art of BiH.

Archeological team wants to check how settlement in Jagnilo relates with the possible modern settlement from the New stone age at the site of Gorazde.

“Colleagues from Germany provided the financial resources for this project, and professor Hoffman led his students and collaborators at the fortnight research here with the contemporary equipment thanks to which nothing have to be digged, but the layout of the underground structure can be seen by a single scanning. What is the most important is that we have good results, some new surprises, we have discovered one more Neolithic settlement here in Zupcici, and there are some indications that more settlements from the prehistoric period existed here. Yesterday we have discovered the structure of one Roman villa and I hope that its systematic research will be organized in future“, explained Foric.


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