Remembering Srebrenica and Flower painted on a Building in Sarajevo Centre

The Center Municipality in Canton Sarajevo and “Obojena Klapa” Association realized the project of painting the flower of Srebrenica on the facade of the building known as “Olomanka” on the corner of Titova and Alija Ishakovic streets.

The project is financed from the budget of the Municipality Center for 2018.

On the facade, the flower of Srebrenica was painted and “Remembering Srebrenica” was written. The flower was designed by women from the association “Gracaničko Keranje” from Gracanica city in 2011, in the desire never to forget the Srebrenica horror.

There is plenty of material evidence, testimonies and symbols that are keeping the memory on genocide committed against Bosniaks in Srebrenica in July 1995 alive, and the ” Flower of Srebrenica ” is just one of them.

An unusual love story took Jasmina Camdzic, who was born in Pula, to Gracanica back in 1994, when everyone was trying to escape from the war. Her talent for handicrafts opened the door of the association “Gracanicko keranje”, which is preserving one of the oldest crafts in BiH.

A warm welcome and time spent with hardworking women from that area were an opportunity for Jasmina to show her creativity and what she knows and how much she can do. She proudly accepted the offer to make a symbol that will remind on victims of genocide in Srebrenica.

She created several versions of the flower, while seeking for the best solution, with a wish to give eternal peace to victims, consolation to their families, warning to the perpetrators, and hope that this will never happen again.

One version distinguished from the other. All of them had a green and white colour, but this one had simplicity in itself, some kind of magic, some kind of innocence in all those flowers. Others might even seem happy, but this one was different. I simply knew that it is the right one,” said Jasmina Camdzic.

Every flower, said Jasmina, is a memory of a person whose heart no longer beats.

“It is not a coincidence that we wear the flower on the left side. The reason for it is because it was created from the heart. There were some suggestions to put a magnet instead of a pin, because the pin can make a hole in the clothes, but we did not want to give up on our idea. What is one suit in comparison to one life,” said Jasmina.

In a short period of time, the flower became a universal symbol of suffering, and it was recognized and accepted all over the world.

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