Representatives of Business Delegation of Finland Visited Canton Sarajevo

sarajevo panorama (5)The realization of projects in the energy sector, as well as waste management and water treatment, rehabilitation and the modernization of district heating in Sarajevo, use of forest bio-mass and waste for energy purposes in district heating plants and power plants, as well as the exchange of experiences between Canton Sarajevo and the Republic of Finland was the reason for yesterday’s meeting of the Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo Suad Zeljković, the Federal Minister of Energy, Forestry and Industry Erdal Trhulj, Ministers of Physical Planning and Environment and Economy Zlatko Petrović and Emir Hrenovica with the Finnish business delegation led by Ambassador of Finland in Slovenia and responsible for BiH Pekko Metso.

“We are the only canton that does not have its own source of electricity and due to this fact we are aware how much it is necessary to invest in projects whose goal is to invest in projects aimed at reducing energy consumption and its realization’’, said Prime Minister Zeljković. He added that the basis for the implementation of energy efficiency policy is through a regulated market.

The Federal Minister of Energy, Mining and Industry Erdal Trhulj said that the FBiH government developed a plan and program for the development of the FBiH energy sector that includes seven laws from this area, of which six have already entered into parliamentary procedures.

During the meeting, Minister Hrenovica informed them that the Canton Sarajevo Assembly recently adopted a law on forests in Canton Sarajevo, in which the area of forestry in this area has become legally regulated, especially in the segment of preventing illegal deforestation.

According to him, more than 65 percent of the territory of Canton Sarajevo is covered in forests and indigenous species, which BiH can boast about in contrast to other parts of Europe.

“We see that Canton Sarajevo has a lot of potential. I especially want to highlight the natural resources, the forests and water where I see the opportunity for cooperation with our country’’, said Ambassador Metso.

He said how Finland has developed its sector of renewable energy and clean technology in the system of the management of environmental protection, and this is possible through the forests, which are the biggest assets.

“Canton Sarajevo is a leader in resolving all environmental problems in BiH. We are aware of the fact that it can always be better, but as you know Canton Sarajevo in the last war suffered a lot of damage. Thus, we can be more than satisfied when it comes to the realization of our activities with the aim of environmental protection’’, said Minister Petrović. He added that Canton Sarajevo is ready to operatively cooperate with representatives of Finland in order to utilize their positive experiences.

At the meeting they spoke about the opportunities to hold seminars in September 2013 on the topic “Best experiences of Finland from the area of energy, waste management and water treatment’’.


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