Representatives of great European Orchestras held a Meeting in Sarajevo

Sarajevo Philharmonic will host the 3rd plenary meeting of the project “Music Up Close Network” in the period between July 3rd and 5th, which is supported by Creative Europe.

Representatives of major European orchestras with a strong reputation will be staying in Sarajevo during that period, and they are Netherlands Philharmonic from Amsterdam, the Academia Nationale di Santa Cecilia from Rome, Orquestra Simfonica de Bercelona, Orchestre National de Lille, the Montenegrin Symphony Orchestra, the Slokar Academy from Ljubljana, the foundation Yehudi Menuhin, and Regione Lazio.

The aim of this meeting is the analysis of individual achievements within projects and co-productions in the season 2017/18, the exchange of new ideas for the next season as well as expansion of cooperation between network partners.

This project of European orchestras and international organizations, which is being held for several years, includes artistic mobility that is designed as the basis for a long-standing inter-European cooperation that will offer concrete answers on challenges that orchestral music is facing with, and all of that with the aim of creating a young audience and developing new generation of talented musicians.

Besides activities within this project, the Sarajevo Philharmonic achieved cooperation with the Academia Nationale di Santa Cecilia from Rome in the project Snow White and 7 tones, as well as with the Netherlands Philharmonic through the premiere performance of new work by Rolf Martinsson called Garden of Devotion.


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