Representatives of Paradzemats canceled their Arrival in Sarajevo

sarajevo cityAlthough the representatives of the so-called paradzemats have earlier announced their arrival in Sarajevo in order to meet the Reis-ul-ulema Husein ef. Kavazovic, they have postponed their arrival due to the death of Reis Kavazovic’s mother.

Although the Islamic Community (IZ) addresses them as paradzemats, their representatives state that they are “independent dzemats”. Thus, the Coordination of independent dzemats was established, which is presented by Izet Hadzic, Emir Cajic, Bajro Kaljikovic and Mirza Arapcic.

“Respectfully, we hereby inform you, as well as the public, that our arrival on the meeting to discuss the aforementioned issues has been postponed due to the death in Reis-ul-Ulema ef. Kavazovic’s family. On this occasion, we pray to Allah the Merciful that Reis’s mother is granted mercy and given Paradise and that Allah give Reis-ul-ulema ef. Kavazovic and his family patience. Amen,” as said in the statement, signed by the mentioned persons.

The mother of Reis-ul-Ulema, Saima Kavazovic died on Friday at age 86, and the funeral prayer will be held today at the mosque in village Jelovce near Gradacac.

Despite their announcements, Ismet Veladzic from the Islamic Community has confirmed that, regardless of the current circumstances, no one from the Islamic Community did not intend to negotiate with the representatives of the so-called paradzemats.

The deadline for the closure of “independent congregations” or the so-called paradzemats expires in 3 days, but it is still not known how this will be implemented in practice. However, what is certain is the attitude of the Islamic Community to definitively conclude the story of paradzemats, either with the integration under the auspices of official institutions or their complete closure.

(Source: S.H./klix.ba)

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