History of Commercial Advertising in Sarajevo Press (gallery)

[wzslider autoplay=”true”]Although trade and traffic with goods and services were developed and represented for centuries in BiH, and some cities owe rapid development and the importance to that, serious commercial advertising started with Austro-Hungarian monarchy in our country and followed the development of the print media in the country.

Historical Archives of Sarajevo in May 2014, organized the exhibition “Commercial advertising in the Sarajevo press (1880-1943)”, and photos that were presented then, can be seen on social networks now.

Archivist of the Historical Archives of Sarajevo Velid Jerlagic says that the first commercial graphical commercials appeared in newspapers and periodicals.

“Thus, the legal and physical persons began to advertise in the Sarajevo daily journals and other publications, as well as periodic, such as weekly, monthly and annual journalist of different ethnic or religious organizations and communities, and messengers of individual institutions and companies or city phone address,” said Jerlagic.

In the very beginning, according to the epoch in which they were created, advertisements were made graphically rich, by engraving printing plates that could be used on a long-term, in order to, as time was passing by, trends in graphic design and printing work to change and synchronize with the time in which they emerged, slowly approaching to minimalist form.

Photography appeared as an element later in graphics solutions, and with arising of modern, minimalist style in graphic design, advertisements were reduced to a simple sign making, using the most diverse typography (font types, letters) from which the target group would found out the address of the subject and its activities with scant descriptive text of its products or services.

During the Austro-Hungarian rule in BiH, mostly commercially advertised were earth-state economic subjects, large companies, individual legal entities, while during the period of the Kingdom of SHS (Kingdom of Yugoslavia) in the period from the World War II prevailed commercial advertisements of small businesses, often national or confessionally related to the publication in which they were published, and the advertisements of world famous brands, said Jerlagic.


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