Residents of Bosnia-Herzegovina empty Shelves in Supermarket because of Fear of Coronavirus


That even the citizens of Sarajevo take all the warnings about the virus corona seriously – the photos from a supermarket in the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina prove.

Shelves with basic food items, but also with sanitary and hygienic ones – are almost empty.

Residents buy groceries in large quantities – in case the situation becomes an emergency.

It is recalled that there are still no confirmed cases of coronary virus infection in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and all three findings of Chinese nationals admitted to the KCUS and tested for coronavirus are negative.

Situations similar to these have been reported previously in the rest of Europe, especially in Italy, the Lombardy region.

Crisis staffs in BiH have previously confirmed that there is no room for panic and excessive concern, and have advised citizens to act on the recommendations of health ministries and public health institutes, news portal reports.

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