His Royal Highness Prince of Wales to visit Bosnia-Herzegovina



His Royal Highness Prince of Wales will visit Bosnia-Herzegovina on March 17th and 18th this year, the United Kingdom Embassy in Bosnia-Herzegovina stated.

Prince Charles’s visit to BiH is an indication of the United Kingdom’s increasing commitment to Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Western Balkans region, its support for reforms that will improve citizens’ lives and create a brighter future, as well as His Majesty’s longstanding personal commitment to reconciliation in the Western Balkans.

The Prince will visit Sarajevo and Srebrenica. A key part will be visiting the Srebrenica Memorial Center and commemorating the 25th anniversary of the genocide. Accompanied by representatives of the survivor association, including mothers still searching for their missing family members, they will pay tribute to the victims.

His Highness has earlier met with families of missing persons from BiH and from all over the region in his home in 2017 and 2018.

In Srebrenica and Sarajevo, he will have the opportunity to hear details of how much has been done to find the persons still being recorded as disappeared throughout the region. In Sarajevo, the Prince of Wales will meet with members of the Bosnian Presidency and representatives from the fields of business, politics, culture, civil society and the Armed Forces.

His Majesty’s meeting with religious leaders in BiH is also scheduled to pay tribute to their work to reconcile and build understanding between communities.  They will be introduced to how the UK helps survivors of sexual violence during the war to overcome the stigma they and their families face.

His Royal Highness will also visit local artisans and historic sites within the old town. He will meet those helping to build a better future for their country including social entrepreneurs, activists, food producers, and other champions of sustainable growth. Young students from across the country will present their projects developed under the 21st Century Schools programme, implemented by the British Council in all primary schools in the Western Balkans. Against a backdrop of high emigration, this gives young people an opportunity to learn new IT skills, develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and offers a greater incentive for them to stay and shape their country’s future.

His Royal Highness will meet UK military personnel involved in securing a safe and secure environment in BiH, and bolstering the BiH-UK defence relationship.

His Royal Highness last visited BiH in 2007 and visited other Western Balkans countries in 2016.



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