Restaurant Owner invited the poorest Citizens to the Restaurant Opening

lunNowadays, when it is almost impossible to find a positive and inspiring news in the media, or at least it is a rarity, an event which occurred several days ago in Vogošća near Sarajevo really seems unbelievable…

Namely, volunteers of the Youth Association “Tempo”, which have been helping the poor population of this and surrounding municipalities for years now, were contacted by one of their sympathizers of this association and a prominent member of the jamaat of Vogošća, with a desire to organize and pay for a joint lunch for fifty most endangered citizens of this town.

Precisely this unusual lunch was the opening of one new restaurant. Thus, the poorest citizens of Vogošća had an opportunity to be the first guests of this halal restaurant. The majority of the invitees, as they said, were surprised with such an invitation and they thought it was just an inappropriate joke. In this way, the people who are mostly on the list of users of public kitchens at least for a short period of time felt like they are not alone in their misery and that there are those among them who want to spend their wealth in the name of Allah, and for the pleasure of those who need help.

Hopefully this bright example will be a stimulus to all people in doing good deeds whenever possible, and that this valuable and humble man will be given credit for this deed when the Judgment Day comes.

(Source: akos.ba)

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