Success of Suad Bešlić in Germany: Designed a Firefighting Vehicle by the latest Standards

Suad Bešlić ntv.baSuad Bešlić from Kalesija is one of numerous people who testify to the fact that Bosnians and Herzegovinians in the diaspora are not solely construction workers, but that they can also do very complex jobs.

Bešlić has been living and working in Germany for twenty years now. He went to Erding near München for a medical treatment after being severely wounded during the aggression. Upon the healing, he did various jobs to provide for his family. Among other things, he was a taxi driver and a football referee.

In parallel with his work, Bešić also studied. He educated himself for a computer designer-constructor of machines and plants. Although he was the only stranger among the students, he was also among the best constructors.

For his graduate work he was given a task to make a draft and construct roof design which should be adjusted to all firefighting vehicles (Mercedes Benz, MAN, Scania, Volvo, etc.). He did his graduate work more than well.

Right after graduating, Bešlić got a job for which he went to school. These days, in the gigantic company which deals with production of firefighting vehicles, Bešlić constructed a firefighting vehicle by the latest norms and standards in Europe. He managed to apply all proposals for improvement to the construction of HLF 20 firefighting vehicle in six months, within the deadline. The vehicle will be delivered to the buyer already in late December.

In 2012 Suad Bešlić published a novel “Witness of Truth”, a novel about the life of people from the Balkans in diaspora. The novel was very well accepted by the readers, especially those in diaspora. He is currently working on a new novel which will be about the first generation of Gastarbeiters who went from the former state to the Western Europe and about them being monitored by intelligence agencies. The novel is expected to be published next year.

(Source: kalesijske-novine.com)

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