We will ask from Vučić to support the Idea of Srebrenica being a District!

Srebrenica District radiobambi.comMayor of the Srebrenica Municipality Ćamil Duraković stated that he knows he did the right thing when he apologized to the Prime Minister of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić, because he was supported by the mothers of the killed children who live in Srebrenica.

Speaking of the relations between Srebrenica and Serbia, Duraković said that if anyone wants him to stop building good relations with Serbia as the country with which Srebrenica borders, all they need to do is to say it and he will give it all up.

Commenting of the recently held Investment conference, Duraković stated that it is an idea from his pre-electoral platform and that it was important that it is organized by the people in Srebrenica, not by someone in New York, Washington…

Duraković believes that peoples in the Balkans have two options: to kill the others or to live in peace, and that is why we need to extend our hand towards people like Vučić. Furthermore, he claims that Republika Srpska is an entity created exclusively for the Serbs, and that the idea of Srebrenica as a district still exists and is the only realistic idea.

“We will ask Vučić to help us in that,” Duraković said.

Moreover, Duraković said he will re-run for the mayor position, since he will not let anyone destroy the concept they have created.

(Source: vijesti.ba)

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