Riding Bikes through the Rainforest Perucica

Cyclists Ognjen Milicevic and Vjekoslav Calasan from Foca went with their bikes on the highest mountain peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina on Maglic Mountain, they passed through the rainforest Perucica and climbed on the plateau of Vucevo.

This was not easy, but these two friends enjoy their trips, through which they promote all the beauty of nature, the National Park Sutjeska that delighted them, as well as the beautiful colors that can only be seen in nature.

Thirty-year-old Ognjen is working as a rafting skipper and he is recreationally hiking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing and, as he noted, doing everything related to nature and healthy lifestyle.

“Mountain biking has become very popular in our region recently, and there are about 20 active bikers who are driving MTB bikes. There is no end to the fun and great time when we are riding together, and there is no need to mention that we are losing all that excess weight,” said Ognjen.

“The territory of Foca has a lot of mountain biking trails and many of them are going through the beautiful mountains of Zelengora, Maglic, Vucevo, Volujak, Ljubisnja, Plijec etc. Whenever we get some free time, we use it to drive somewhere in the mountains. We love nature because this feeling is special, but it has to be experienced since it is difficult to describe it,” noted Ognjen.

He added that they enjoyed the unique view from Vucevo to the place where Piva and Tara are flowing into Drina River, as well as the canyon of Tara River and other places rich in autumn colors and sunshine.

“We go to Zelengora, Maglic and other mountains every year. Zelengora and the tour of 9 lakes is definitely one of the most beautiful tours and worth mentioning, and 80 kilometers through one of the most beautiful mountains is an adrenaline feeling that will leave you breathless. We are happy to live in a place that is so rich in natural beauties such as Perucica, Sand pyramids, Skakavac Waterfall, numerous mountain lakes, and Tara River, which is the largest source of drinking water in Europe. We would love to show all of this beauty to all lovers of quality gatherings and nature,“ concluded Ognjen.

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