Road Map for “Južni tok” Signed

Banja_lukaThe President of the RS Milorad Dodik and the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of “Gazprom” Aleksandar Medvedev signed yesterday in Banja Luka the road map for the realization of energy projects in the area of the RS, as part of the project “Južni tok”, announced RTRS.

The signing was attended by the President of the RS government Željka Cvijanović, the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the RS Željko Kovačević, the Director of “Gas-res” Slobodan Puhalac and the Ambassador of Russia to BiH Aleksandar Bocan-Harčenko.

President Dodik said that this is a very important project for the RS, for its energy stability and the future. He said that on Friday news arrived from “Gazprom’’ that gas from BiH and the RS will be cheaper by 13 percent, starting retroactively from March of this year.

The Deputy Chairman of the Board “Gasprom” Aleksandar Medvedev said that in addition to the construction of “Južni tok”, a gas power plant will begin, and that experts these days will carry out monitoring. He said that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin gave a huge importance for the realization of the project, and that we can safely say that the project will be realized for the benefit of the company “Gazprom” and the RS.

According to him, the signing of a document would open a new level of cooperation between Russia and the RS and the FBiH, and said that the government of BiH supports the project.

He expects that by the end of the year technical and economic preparations will be completed for the construction of the pipeline through the RS.


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