Romanesque Story of Sarajevans in New Caledonia: They met after 50 Years and got married

Zdravka Gutic and Momir Knezevic from Sarajevo with a residence in New Caledonia are a living proof that life directs special films and writes unusual novels. They went to the same grade in elementary and high school, after which they spent 50 years apart and they got married last year in the “golden age” after just a couple of meetings.

When asked what life looks like in New Caledonia, the island in Pacific Ocean, Momir stated that it is a country of smiling people who will not pass by you without greeting you, whether they know you or not, it is the country with the most beautiful sunsets, turquoise waters within the coral lagoon, white sand and beautiful beaches, summer with maximum temperatures of about 32 °C and “winter” with minimum temperatures of about 20 °C.

“I completed my working career as a builder of the West Kwe dam in New Caledonia, with which, I ‘enrolled’ the geographic region of Oceania in my book after four continents,” stated Momir Knezevic about his career as a civil engineer.

He stated that the construction of dams and the hydroelectric power plants was and remained his passion that he passed onto his younger colleagues, as well as through active engagement in national and international committees and commissions.

“We found each other on the Internet. I received a request for friendship on Facebook from Momir Knezevic. Since I could not remember who was that, I asked our common Facebook friend, and she said,”Our Momo, don’t you remember him?” I asked: That little Momo? Because he was one of the shortest boys in our class. I looked at the photos of the fourth grade of the elementary school and the 2nd and 3rd grade of high school and recognised “little” Momo, who suddenly grew up in the 4th grade. After 50 years, we met for the first time in 2014 at the celebration of our graduation, when he came from New Caledonia,” said Zdravka, who lived in Sarajevo until her marriage with Momir.

Their next meeting was in 2016 over a friendly coffee in Sarajevo when they first talked about their lives before and after losing their life partners.

She explained that such decision is not easy for someone who lived 14 years after the death of her husband.

“You get some habits, comfort, you do whatever you like, you have your friends, hiking. Momo gave me all the reasons why we should be together and maybe even get married if we see that we are good together. There was no time to think about it because his return was so close. Two things were decisive for me, the first was that I looked at him as a man rather than as a friend and that was a great plus for the decision. The second thing was that his character corresponded to mine because we have a lot in common. I decided to take my chances. Both Momir’s and my children accepted the decision we made. The arrival at the Pacific Island, 18,000 km away from home, was like coming to a postcard from the tourist brochures of exotic countries. Life together and great atmosphere led to love, which resulted in an exotic wedding. And here we are now. Life goes on and everything is more beautiful in two”, said Zdravka.

And her husband, Momir Knezevic, stated that he is the citizen of the world and that he belongs to the place with his current address.

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